My Fees

Penny Tedd music teacher, playing the trombone, but not piano, cello, or trumpet in West Sussex.

Find details about my fees for music teaching. I do not teach at home except for online lessons. Travel to you is included in the price. I do not charge extra after a certain mileage.

I hope this site proves helpful to you and answers any questions you might have. If you require further information, then please contact me.

25% off first trial lesson. The fees are the same for piano, keyboard, cello, brass, or music theory. When travelling to you, I offer discounts for back-to-back lessons, which makes it more affordable if you have more than one person wanting lessons, or a pupil learning more than one instrument, or simply want that extra time.

Extra online sessions in a week do not have to be back-to-back for the discount, and can even be on a different day.

I try to attend my pupil’s music exams to offer my support. This is at no cost, although I do charge a £22 fee if I am required as an accompanist.

Fees are paid weekly, half termly, or full termly. For cancellations, at least 24 hours notice is appreciated. Lessons are on a scheduled weekly basis in school term time. Holiday lessons (out of term time) may be at a different time and day of the week.

My fees below are inclusive of travel to you. First trial lesson is 25% off the Fees below (eg: £15 for single session).

  • FEES FROM 1st September 2022
  • Single Session 30mins: £20
  • Each Extra Session 30mins: £16.80 (eg. a double session is £36.80)
  • Exam Accompaniment: £22
  • Online Single Session: £19.40

Holiday lessons are the same fees as above, and any fee increase will take place in September. I will notify all pupils of any change well in advance.

If you want to book lessons or require further information, then please contact me.

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