Here are some testimonials from a few of my pupils and parents. I hope these give some insight into my approach to teaching and general manner with people.

I hope this site proves helpful to you and answers any questions you might have. If you require further information, then please contact me.

Matt Napier: Madonna’s Monitor Engineer for 20 years. Has worked with Paloma Faith, Kylie Minogue, Slipknot, Bring the Horizon, Muse, George Michael, the Spice Girls, Michael Bublé, the BAFTAS, etc.

Mrs Tedd is a truly fantastic music teacher. She has kept both my children inspired and motivated, and they have really progressed under her tutelage.
Mrs Tedd first started teaching my children (12 & 14) the piano online. She has a brilliant setup for online learning and the children progressed quickly. Now they are doing face to face lessons, their progress has continued, and they both look forward to their Saturday morning piano and theory lessons. Mrs Tedd really engages the children and keeps the lessons fun and interesting, always relating the theory back to the practical and vice versa. I would strongly recommend her if you are looking for a great music teacher.

Benjamin Stefanski: Composed music for TV shows: ‘Alex Rider’, ‘American Horror Story’, ‘I May Destroy You’, ‘Top Gear’, various video games, award winning advertisements, etc.

Before I began learning to play the trumpet with Penny I had tried playing several instruments with different teachers but had never felt particularly inspired by any of them. Playing the trumpet however felt more like fun, which is important at the age of 7 when I began learning, and that was because of how Penny taught me to play. Always patient, friendly and encouraging Penny made music lessons feel like something to look forward to. It was Penny who I showed my first (very basic) compositions to and she encouraged me to pursue them and write more. I think it was probably that early encouragement that sparked an interest in writing music and in part that has led me to a career writing music for a living. I have many fond memories of learning to play the trumpet with Penny and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about learning to play an instrument.

Coral Mobbs: When I was looking for someone who would teach me how to play the trumpet I came across Penny on a register of music teachers. As a mature student it was important to me that my teacher was sympathetic to my needs and my approach to the instrument. I feel that Penny understands that older students need lots of encouragement, which she gives, and also she understands that they are learning for pleasure and do not need to be pushed into examinations. In my experience Penny relates very well to older people. Her enthusiasm for music generally comes over and makes lessons with her a pleasure.

Kalwant and Martin: Penny Tedd has been teaching our four children to learn to play the piano for several years. She is a caring, hardworking and dedicated teacher. Her passion for music is clear, which is reflected in her teaching style and her commitment to her students. All of our children have progressed at a pace that is suited to their needs and Penny has ensured that they are confident and able to succeed when taking exams. Her dedication to her students is also evident in her attending all of their exams and ensuring that she is there to support them. We would highly recommend Penny, such committed and dedicated teachers are hard to come by.

Stanley: Penny has been giving piano lessons to my son for a number of years. He has progressed well and is already studying for Grade 8. However most importantly Penny has nurtured and developed his passion for music by her engaging teaching manner and use of different music styles. Penny is an excellent teacher and has formed a really good relationship with my son. She is also a fine pianist herself which is inspiring for her pupils and my son say’s “he would not have been able to have learnt piano so well” and enjoy his music so much “without her support”.

Sam: Penny Tedd taught me for a number of years. Thanks to her skill and dedication I was able to reach my musical potential – I studied for a music composition degree at Northbrook College. Friendly and supportive, Penny always turned up at my exams and even partnered me in my piano duet Grade 5, which we both passed with distinction. I totally recommend Penny Tedd. She is an excellent music teacher.

Melanie: We are immensely grateful to Penny Tedd for the support and help she has given our children in their musical activities. Not only has she taught my daughter the piano and my son the cello and supported them through their Grade Exams she has also taught them both Music Theory. Penny has always been there for the children to assist them in all their musical activities, both achieved Musical Scholarships to their Senior School and my daughter has achieved Grade A in her GCSE music, again supported by Penny when she needed some additional help.
Penny has been involved in teaching the children music since they were young , which has been beneficial for their academic performance as well, which was very noticeable in my son’s case as his working memory improved dramatically, as did his maths , when he started to have music lessons. Not only is Penny an exceptional instrumental and theory teacher she takes a personal interest in the childrens’ music education and supports them in all aspects of their musical development and we consider ourselves very lucky to have had such a long association with Penny who has inspired a love and appreciation of music in the children which they will take forward in their lives.

Martina: Penny taught my son Daniel through his grade 8 piano exam and we would find it hard to recommend a better teacher. Daniel has Asperger’s Syndrome and was going through a particularly difficult time but Penny’s kind and caring nature helped him settle and achieve his pass. Penny is extremely patient and genuinely cares about her students and she quickly became a good friend to all of us. It was a great help that she could travel to our house each week and this was also good for Daniel to be able to play on his own piano which he was comfortable with. Her lessons were well structured and contained a lot of discussion and passing of vital knowledge and tips and there very often was laughter which was key to my sons enjoyment of the lessons.
Penny has a wide range of musical knowledge and was happy and interested in discussing and listening to what Daniel was doing in his university music degree. Leading up to the piano exam and also on the day, Penny was able to put Daniels nerves at ease and help him to focus when he needed it most. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of studying piano to consider doing it with Penny, a most lovely person and great teacher.

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