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Penny Tedd music teacher, playing a trumpet instead of piano or cello.

I do not teach at home except for online lessons. I travel out to you. This is usually more convenient for pupils and parents, and has many other advantages, which I list below.

I hope this site proves helpful to you and answers any questions you might have. If you require further information, then please contact me.

My travel area

I travel out to the following places, and everywhere in-between:
Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Rustington, Angmering, Felpham, Pagham, Yapton, Barnham, Eastergate, Westergate, Fontwell, Walberton, Arundel, West Chiltington, Storrington, Petworth, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Fishbourne, Nutbourne, Southbourne, Sidlesham.

Please inform me if I cannot park in your drive or if there are parking difficulties where you live. If you live outside my travel area then please consider online lessons.


I travel out to my pupils rather than teach at home. There are many advantages:

  • Perfect for those who do not have a car, or are unable to drive.
  • You don’t have to drive to my house and back every week.
  • You don’t waste your valuable time waiting whilst your child is having their lesson.
  • Being taught in your own home can be more comfortable and familiar, which is especially important for the first few lessons.
  • Over time, I build up a friendly rapport with the family … including pets.
  • With piano lessons, the pupil plays on their own instrument rather than mine.
  • Regarding Child Protection concerns, parents have increased peace of mind in their own home – something I take very seriously.
  • For the environmentally conscious, I do a ‘bus route’ in a quite economical car, which means far less fuel is used and pollution emitted than if all those pupils were being transported to my home and back.

2023 virus safety measures

Under the UK rules, as interpreted by the ISM, I travel out to teach. I take appropriate safety precautions, which my pupils and their parents expect and appreciate. Online teaching is also available.

Travel to you music teacher mask, visor, hand sanitiser, wipes. Wipe piano, keyboard, brass.
  • I am fully vaccinated.
  • I wear a mask if requested.
  • I wipe the piano/keyboard keys with an anti-bacterial wipe before the lesson.
  • For brass and recorder, the pupil’s instrument must be pointed away from me whilst playing.
  • It is expected and appreciated that the pupil has washed their hands prior to the lesson.

My fees

My fees for travelling to you are £20 for a single session and £16.80 for each extra back-to-back session, because I pass my travel cost savings onto you if you want longer lessons. Travel costs are included in the price. I do not charge extra after a certain mileage. For more information and details about my fees please visit my Fees page.

Child protection

I take Child Protection very seriously. I have regular training since I teach at a number of Private Schools (see my General Info page). Also, I have passed the NSPCC: Keeping Children Safe In Music Course and am CRB checked previously and DBS checked.

Some simple rules about Child Protection:

  • The teaching room door should be open during the lesson. The exception to this is if the door has clear glass.
  • An adult/parent should be nearby, preferably within earshot.
  • The child should be appropriately dressed – no swimwear, pyjamas for instance.
  • I will never offer a child a lift, even to an exam, without the permission of the parent.
  • Beyond light verbal warnings, I am not allowed to discipline your child. If they become too disruptive, which is a very rare occurrence, I will immediately inform the parents.


I get on well with pets. Over the years I have met many dogs, cats, and even horses, chickens, and rabbits … and numerous gerbils. It is often the family dog that noisily tells everyone that I have arrived, and expects the obligatory belly rub before allowing me to start the lesson.

white dog watching teacher teach piano, cello, or brass, when travel out West Sussex. Online is also available.

On a more serious note, since the door to the teaching room must be always open due to child protection rules, the dogs often join the lesson. This is fine, but if they are rowdy and disruptive then I ask that they be kept in another room or the garden until the lesson is over.

If you wish to book lessons or require further information, then please contact me.

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